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Welcome to the Pediatric Neurosurgery Salzburg

 Pediatric Neurosurgery in Salzburg, Austria in one of the few centers in the German speaking region   that covers the entire range of pediatric neurosurgical treatment. It is the major tertiary referral center for the region of Salzburg, Austria and the German counties of Bavaria, Saxony, Thuringia and beyond.

The website offers a blog and up-to-date informations for patients, parents and other interested persons about Our service at University Hospital Salzburg. Core of the website-team is forged by Pediatric Neurosurgeon and Neuropediatrician, which address the special demands of the developing nervous system in childhood. Owing to the fast technological and scientific advances during the past decades, treatment of neurosurgical conditions like brain cancer, dysraphic anomalies or hydrocephalus in childhood became less invasive and much more effective.

 We  hope to give you an insight into Pediatric Neurosurgery and Our Service at University Hospital Salzburg. We are happy to answer your questions and inquiries. Our mission is the well-being of your child!

We offer:

Pediatric Neurosurgery Salzburg provide highly individual treatment of the entire range of neurosurgical conditions in childhood and adolescence, e.g. brain tumours, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, spina bifida, scoliosis, deep brain stimulation, craniosynostosis or malformations at highest international standards.

  • Tumour Surgery of Brain, Spine and Peripheral Nerves
    Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Hydrocephalus Therapy
    Treatment of Malformations
    e.g. Spina Bifida or Craniosynostosis
  • Epilepsy Surgery
    e.g. Vagal Nerve Stimulation, Ablative Surgery
    Functional Neurosurgery
    e.g. Deep Brain Stimulation, Baclofen Pumps
    Innovative Shunt Technologies for Hydrocephalus

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