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Video Conferencing

You are confronted with a complex case or want to discuss and plan further treatment in cooperation with pediatric neurosurgeons? We offer videoconferencing via Skype now! It is intended for far-distant physicians or hospitals to avoid unnecessary transports and inconvenience to the small patients. Additionally, instant treatment decisions and multidisciplinary conference will help to optimize quality of counselling and diagnostics in often complex cases.

In Case Conferences patients can be discussed and treatment decisions can be made. Additionally PDF-protocols will be created. In the future, a multidisciplinary Video-CNS-Board via Apache WebMeeting is planned, to offer a multinational and interdisciplinary meeting for most complex cases with maximum of time efficency and highest quality.

To request a skype meeting, please get in touch via phone or email, first!

Skype-Contact: kinderneurochirurgieleipzig